UFC 171

After seven years, there will be a new UFC welterweight champion. Johny Hendricks versus Robbie Lawler for the newly vacated belt. But before they get it on, we’re keeping you up to date with all the main event fights.

Here we go with first fight on the main card!

Krylov vs. St. Preux

Touch of gloves and they’re off. Leg kicks that don’t land by Krylov and St. Preux goes for the takedown. St. Preux has Krylov in side control, trying to improve his position. Krylov defending well, neither exerting too much energy. Krylov is out! St. Preux wins via arm choke!

Jake Shields vs. Hector Lombard

Round 1:

Lombard comes in right away swinging and gets Shields to the ground. They’re back on their feet, with Lombard bombs. They clinch and break away. Now the two are feeling each other out. Shields goes for takedown and is stuffed by Lombard. The tow in the clinch, Shields taken down, but now they are back on their feet, but Shields is cut and bloodied. Shields throws a leg kick and Lombard follows with a right. Shields is hurt and down and Lombard goes into his guard. They are still on the ground, giving Shields time to recover. 10-9 Lombard.

Round 2 

The two start feeling each other out and Lombard is still throwing bombs. Shields ducks over one and is swept by Shields. Lombard looks to be stronger. Lombard is halfway in Shields’ guard and now in full guard. Lombard not doing much damage and Shields looking to weather the storm. The ref stands them up.  The two start feeling each other out again, not sure if Lombard is getting tired. 90 sends left and they are throwing punches that are not connecting. Lombard starting to be cautious. Lombard hip throws Shields and in half guard. Shields makes it out, but another round for Lombard.

Round 3

Last round and Lombard throws overhand left that misses. Lombard catches Shields in the groin and they break for Shields to recover. Back at stand, Shields goes for the takedown, but Lombard is able to get him down and goes in Shields’ guard. Halfway through the round and the ref stands them back up. Shields shoots in for takedown and is stuffed by Lombard. Blood still flowing from Shields and Lombard still in his guard. One minute left and the ref stands them up. Lombard being a little cautious and Shields throws jabs. Shields grabs Lombard in a guillotine and round ends. Lombard by decision.

Diego Sanchez vs. Myles Jury

Round 1

Sanchez is mean muggin’ Jury and rushes up to him, but doesn’t swing. Jury throwing little feelers out and is caught by a punch and Sanchez says he wants more. Sanchez throws a left and right and Jury backs up. Minute and a half in, and the two still feeling each other out. Sanchez throws a 1-2 combo and Jury goes back, with Sanchez clinching. Jury has Sanchez’s right arm tied up and the two break away. Halfway through the round, Jury throws a right kick and Sanchez connects with a right. Sanchez throws a right that connects and Jury backs up. Sanchez throws some punches and Jury backs away not wanting to get into a slugfest. Jury connects with a right that Sanchez takes and they keep going. Thirty seconds left and Jury takes Sanchez down, but Sanchez goes for a leg lock. Jury takes his back briefly and round ends. I have this for Sanchez.

Round 3

Last round and both men look like they have full energy and cardio not a factor. Sanchez comes in swinging and Jury backs up. Sanchez throws a Superman punch but misses. Sanchez still wants to make it a brawl, but Jury is content with a boxing match. Sanchez comes in, but Jury backs up again. Three minutes left and Jury throws a one, two, but then backs up. Sanchez starts to get lulled into boxing match. The two still exchange and with a minute left takes Sanchez down. Jury fighting a smart technical fight. Jury takes Sanchez down hard end of the fight, but Sanchez gets up and almost sinks in a guillotine taking Jury down as the round ends. Judges score decision for Myles Jury.

Carlos Condit vs. Tyron Woodley

Round 1

Here we go, co-main event underway. Condit comes right up to the middle to meet Woodley and Woodley backs up. Woodley respects Condit’s power, and Woodley lands a hard straight right that connects and pushes Condit back! Condit isn’t hurt, but Woodley comes back with another shot that pushes Condit back. Crowd reacts wildly, but Condit recovers and counters with a few punches. Woodley grabs Condit and ties him up on the fence and Condit tries to do some dirty boxing up close. Condit reverses Woodley and they exchange knees, and Woodley reverses Condit now and has him against the cage. Woodley doing some dirty boxing himself. Condit throws some good strikes, but Woodley takes him down. The two get back up and they exchange punches as Woodley takes him down. Woodley gets back up not wanting to work jiu jitsu with Condit. Nice round!

Round 2

Second round and no feeling out process. Condit throws some head kicks that Woodley blocks and Condit constantly stalking. Woodley takes Condit down and Condit starts using his jiu jitsu and transitions to small punches from the bottom. Another fight breaks out in the crowd and the ref stands both men up. Wow. Condit twists his leg after taking a leg kick and fight is over, unable to continue. Woodley wins via TKO.

Johny Hendricks vs. Robbie Lawler

Round 1

 Here we go! Southpaw to southpaw for welterweight title. Lawler catches Henricks with some hard shots and Hendricks covers up. Now the crowd chants, “Johny, Johny, Johny!” Minute in and the two start feeling each other out. Hendricks comes in trying to take Lawler down, but “Ruthless” defends. Hendricks throws kneads at Lawler’s leg  and the two break away. Lawler throws right and left and Hendricks tries to take him down, but Lawler defends well. The two start exchanging jabs and Hendricks blocks well, respecting Lawler’s power. Hendricks throws a right and big left, but Lawler moves out of the way. Nice jab right down the middle for Lawler who has a reach advantage. Lawler using his length against Hendricks and Hendricks tries to time Lawler, but unable to at this point. Twenty seconds left and Hendricks has Lawler against cage tied up. The round ends this way.
Round 2
Round two and the men meet in the middle. Both guys start employing their boxing skills and crowd begins to chant, “Johny, Johny, Johny!” Hendricks comes in throwing big shots, but Lawler takes them and comes back with his own. The two go to the middle, with Hendricks missing with his jab, but using it for timing. Lawler looks like he’s starting to tire from being peppered by Hendricks. Hendricks comes in with some punches and leg kicks and Lawler catches Hendricks and Hendricks backs up. Ninety seconds left and both men trying to time the other. Hendricks goes for takedown but is stuffed. Hendricks still active with his punches and Lawler defends. Lawler catches Hendricks with a shot, but Hendricks putting on boxing clinic. Hendricks catches Lawler and they exchange ending the round!
Round 3
Round three and Lawler comes straight at Hendricks and Hendricks comes back with some punches and kicks of his own. Hendricks looking to shoot in, but punches instead. Hendricks using a mixture of punches and kicks and Lawler takes them. Crowd still pulling for Hendricks, and Lawler smiles. Both guys throwing big shots and Lawler defends well against Hendricks. Uppercut by Lawler hurts Hendricks and he’s stunned! He’s still trying to recover! Hendricks shoots in, but is stuffed. Ninety seconds left and it look alike Hendricks still stunned but recovering. Lawler still pushing forward and Hendricks throws lefts and rights. Hendricks looks unsure but still jabbing, but looks to be almost recovered. He definitely respects Lawler’s power and Hendricks makes it out of the round.
Round 4
Fourth round and Lawler is still seining for the fences! Hendricks backs up but is still using his jab. Hendricks isn’t smiling anymore and Hendricks fights back! What a fight! The two men are just throwing. Lawler now the one picking Hendricks apart and landing the bigger shots. Hendricks shoots in, but is stuffed and Lawler comes in swinging connecting. Good cardio for both men and Hendricks tries to throw one, two but is blocked. Halfway through the round and Hendricks catches Lawler, but Lawler comes bcd with his own shots. Hendricks bloodied up and Lawler catches him with left uppercut. What a fight as both men still swinging toe to toe with a minute left. Hendricks still throwing left leg kicks and follows with a right. Hendricks takes Lawler down to end the round.
Round 5
Last round! The two meet in the middle and both throwing bombs. Hendricks cut still bleeding but he’s still throwing and Lawler now backing up on the defensive. Hendricks has Lawler against the cage and Lawler defending by sprawling. Hendricks throwing knees to Lawlerl’s legs and can’t get Lawler down. Ref comes in to separate and Lawler throws a jab followed by a left. Lawler throws hard left and Hendricks starts to cover up. Two minutes left and Lawler catches Hendricks with a huge left but Hendricks comes back and hurts Lawler with his own left. Ninety seconds left and both men are tiring. Lawler looks a little wobbled and his his backing up and takes Lawler down. Hendricks lays on Lawler and Lawler looks bored. Twenty seconds left and Hendricks throws small shots and fight ends. Judges score the fight 48-47 Hendricks.

Check back regularly for updates from the fights!

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