It’s alive! Video shows ‘dead’ squid dance as soy sauce is poured over it

Creepy seafood dish acts alive after being showered with sauce

The ultimate toilet paper prank! Joker Roman Atwood buries his neighbour’s mansion

House is covered in bog roll while owner is on vacation. See more funny clips at

Taylor’s 5 year love drought!!

Sexy singer reveals fears that she'll not find a man until her dirty thirties. Boo hoo.

Harry pops his magic broomstick in Hogwarts!?! Prince reportedly dating Emma Watson!!

Breaking news - film royalty and actual royalty get their groove on. Sexciting! Check out for more celeb news.

Latest naked Kardashian video… It’s ole Momma Jenner!!!

Reports suggest a terrified Kris Jenner faces nude video leak. Check out for more celeb news.

Brucey faces questions over horror crash

Suspicion lingers after fatal accident, police continue investigations amid media meltdown.

Shopping mall rush! Stunt cyclists speed down escalators during extreme sports tour

Crazy bikers turn a trip to the shops into race event! If you love watching extreme sports go to

Brucey gets a pussy

After years of rumours, sensational confirmation that Jenner is 'transitioning to a woman'. Yipee!

Kanye unveils Rihanna ‘bomb’

Massive new song unveiled as West gatecrashes event

Madonna goes cleavage crazy

Madonna dusts down her old weapons to launch new marketing attack.
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