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Hello class, we are sad to say that this is the last week of Society, Science, Survival: Lessons from AMC’s The Walking Dead. The course, sponsored jointly by Canvas.net, AMC and UC Irvine, finished by discussing the topic of stress and its effects on the body over long periods of time, along with how a positive attitude can help ward off disease and boost the immune system. Fans of the show can definitely benefit from this knowledge, especially after the heart-wrenching mid-season four finale, in which Scott Wilson‘s character Hershel met his gruesome demise.

We took one last look at the course materials and graded them on how well they covered this week’s topics.

Weekly Readings: A

This week’s readings thoroughly covered the topic of stress, what it is and its effects. They also explained that stress leads to disease that cause 80 percent of deaths in the United States and introduced students to a study that shows how beneficial a positive attitude really is to a person’s health.

Guest Instructors: A+

This last interview with the actors gave students some insight to what the show might really be about. While most people says it’s obviously about zombies, actors like Wilson say it might be about having hope in a world that seems to have none left.

Visuals – Extras: B

The extra materials given this week sparked some interesting discussion and had us asking ourselves, what would be the one thing we would miss the most from the modern world? More importantly, as the professors discussed, how would we go about rebuilding the educational system once the zombie epidemic was finally over?

Visuals – Videos: B+

Again, the clips pulled from the show gave us prime examples of what the lectures were talking about. From season one at the CDC to season three when the group arrives at the prison, each clip brought students back to pivotal moments in the series.

Quiz: A+

It only took eight quizzes and the entire course but we finally earned a 100 percent on the final quiz.

As with many endings this one is bittersweet. Although we’re proud to have completed the course we’re also sad to see it and the show leave. Thankfully, we only have to wait until Feb. 9 for The Walking Dead to return to AMC with the second half of season four.

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