Difranco Plantation

An exclusive video from Acoustic Guitar features Ani Difranco speaking on the media firestorm that took place in December and surrounded her songwriting retreat that was to be held on a plantation.

Difranco tells Mark Kemp how neither she nor the people working around her saw the huge problem with holding the event at a former slave plantation. With no regard for the deep racial injustices that took place on plantations or the problems they have caused in American going forward, Difranco thought the event would be “weird” but says, “I didn’t realize that there are women in my audience who were like, ‘No, that’s beyond weird. I can’t go there.’”

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The singer also addresses the problems with her sorrynotsorry apology that she posted two days before the New Year. Rather than apologizing and hoping for it all to go away, the feminist icon justified her choice in holding the retreat at the plantation and was then surprised at the anger that ensued. (Read TV Mix’s account here).

She finally speaks on her official apology where she recognized the fact that she “didn’t get it” and that she “messed up.” She notes that the “entire process was very painful,” and that it was amazing to see what it’s like from an insiders perspective when people are crucified by the media.

We’re not sure that “amazing” is the word she was looking for.

As of yet there hasn’t been much response from fans or the media, but we’re sure Jezebel will have something, or probably a few things, to say about it.

(Watch Acoustic Guitar’s exclusive video interview here).

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