Simon Cowell’s latest X Factor viewing figures might be hanging lower than his manboobs, but the dude still parties like a rock star.

Ginger Clam loves a bit of Cowell, particularly when he’s in the mood for fun.

The TV guru took to the stage to accept a lifetime achievement award at the 24th Music Industry Trust Awards on Monday night.

‘Just my luck I get the award I’ve been wanting all my life and I’m completely hammered,’ Cowell joked, according to Yahoo.

Then he landed a real zinger. One Direction had presented Cowell’s award, but the were not expecting the next comment.

‘Guys, who misses Zayn?’ Cowell asked. The crowd was in uproar but 1D just stayed silent.

‘We all get old but I’ve still got charisma,’ the star chipped in as laughter continued.

Cowell also made reference to his love of cigarettes.

‘I hope he (his son, Eric) will be standing here in 23 years time as I’m being wheeled into the Grosvenor House Hotel on my second pack of cigarettes,’ he said.

‘I have cut down. But if Eric grows up and says to stop it, I don’t know what I would do – I don’t smoke around him and I wouldn’t do that. I have thought about what he might say in a few years. It is my worst vice.’

Cowell said he admitted to 1D star Louis Tomlinson that booze and fags are his weak spot:

‘I was saying to Louis, this is the one thing I would find very difficult to give up because I do love a cigarette. A cigarette and a beer.’

Simon, we love you.

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