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The CW’s Beauty and the Beast is back!

As fans know, the drama has little to do with the fairy tale, instead following NYPD homicide detective Catherine “Cat” Chandler  (Kristin Kreuk) and her relationship with the mysterious Vincent Keller. Keller (Jay Ryan) is a former doctor whose military past left him with mutated DNA that allows him to turn into a beast.

The future of the show is uncertain. Following a full 22-episode first season, the CW renewed for a full second season, only to announce the show is going on hiatus come March 10. There are many rumors that the show will be cancelled, but we’ve reported recently about other supposedly doomed shows that are now on their fifth season with original showrunners back at the helm. (Yes, we’re talking about Community here.)

Regardless, episode 9 premieres tonight and it’s sure to be a big one. The mid-season finale, “Man or Beast?”, sought to tackle that question. We saw Tori trying to convince Vincent to embrace his beastly nature, while Cat warned Vincent that if he murdered her father, Bob, instead of allowing her to bring him to conventional justice, he would lose his humanity.

The forced Cat to make a difficult choice — she shot Vincent to save her father, who then agreed to confess to everything but the existence of the beasts, promising that one day Cat would thank him for giving her a normal life.

With her father behind bars, we want to know the fates of Cat and Vincent.

In an exclusive clip put out by Entertainment Weekly, we see Cat and Vincent having a discussion about Cat’s trigger finger. It seems their days of protecting one another may be at and end.

And what about the romance? While fans desperately root for the return of “VinCat,” there are other possibilities on the horizon for both our protagonists. For Cat, we’ve got Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy), while for Vincent, fellow-beast Tori is an option.

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