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Never wake a sleeping giant — UFC lightweight contender Nate Diaz is ready to comeback to fight and he wants to move up to face UFC welterweight Matt Brown, who is on fire with a seven fight win streak and has put himself in title contention at 170.

In an exclusive interview with TV Mix, Diaz says “Matt Brown has been calling out my big brother [Nick] who is retired. Now, he can fight me.”

Brown is coming off a TKO win over Erick Silva; and this week he said a fight be-tween him and Nick Diaz would be a “war” and “legendary.”

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“I know Brown is f*ckin’ hardcore, he whips peoples asses,” Diaz said. “He’s the baddest mother f*cker there is right now, thats the fight i want right now.”

TVMix asked Diaz if he’d ever met Brown or would he fight someone else:

“No, I’ve never met him, that’s just the fight I would take — if I’m going to fight — I’m going to fight him.”

Nate Diaz vs Matt Brown, now that has Las Vegas main event all over it…

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