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It’s been a little more than six months since Anderson Silva broke his left leg during his fight against Chris Weidman at UFC 168, and doctors have now given him the “okay” to start training. (Watch Silva kick with his leg that now has titanium in it.)

So, the question looms: who should Silva fight next?

At one point a “superfight” with George St. Pierre was a hot topic, but the Canadian superstar suddenly went into semi-retirement and recently said in an interview, that Silva was “too big” for him and he wasn’t going to go up in weight, nor did he think Silva would be able to make the welterweight limit of 170.

What about Vitor Belfort or Lyoto Machida? Silva easily beat Belfort with a kick to the chin and Machida is a fellow Blackhouse teammate and those fights would not be huge draws.

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There’s been one fighter who has been asking for a fight with Silva; even as recent as last year. This fighter was finished only once in his career when he was 19 and never been submitted. And heck, most of his losses that went to decision could be argued that he won.

His pay-per-view fight with St. Pierre was the third highest in UFC history.  I’m sure you guessed by now, I’m talking about the also semi-retired Nick Diaz, who said he would fight for a title or big fight.

Those wanting to see Matt Brown face Diaz are ridiculous — yes, Brown has won 7 straight, but he hasn’t beat anyone in the top ten in any weight class, ever. He has also lost to fighters that the average MMA fan wouldn’t even know.

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That gets us back to Silva vs Diaz. This is the only “superfight” that makes sense. Silva, who many consider the greatest of all time, has a standup that was invincible, until he played around and put his hands down against new UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman.

Then you have Diaz, who is known to be one of the best boxers in mixed martial arts (and a black belt in jiu-jitsu like Silva) looking to knock out his opponents in every fight.

Put these two in the Octagon, who knows what would happen? No one knows for sure, and that’s what would make this such a huge fight. The PPV numbers on this could surpass Diaz’s fight with St. Pierre and make for a grand finale for the UFC at the end of the year or right around New Year’s.

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This fight should be fairly easy for Dana White, Joe Silva, Lorenezo Fertitta to make happen, so, let’s hope this dream fight can be made for fans Christmas gift around-the-world.

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