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Ever wished you could attend a music festival from your living room couch? Microsoft says you can.

This year, Microsoft will be live streaming the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival via Xbox Live. Those with either an Xbox One or and Xbox 360 can select which performances they want to watch by choosing which stage they view, and can also choose what angle they watch the stage from.

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This is obviously great for those who can’t make it to Manchester, Tennessee, where the festival is held every year, or for those who can’t swing the $285 general admission tickets, (or $1500 for a pair of VIP tix if you’re fancy). That being said, there’s something about a live broadcast music festival that doesn’t sit right with us.

Yes, live streaming the event opens it up and makes it more accessible for those who can’t make it, but in doing so it cheapens the experience for those who do go, who suffer through traveling long distances and camp out in the Middle Of Nowhere, TN, just to see their favorite band.

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Part of what’s so cool about attending festivals is the exclusivity, and the excitement when you get to say, “I got my tickets!” For Bonnaroo, the performances and everything else is still there, but that excitement is lost now that everyone with and Xbox can access it. And with headliners like Elton John, Kanye West and Vampire Weekend, who wouldn’t want exclusive access?

For those attending either in real life or from their living rooms, Bonnaroo takes place June 12-15, so for those watching from home, get your popcorn ready.

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