She’s famous for speaking her mind – but this time Madonna has lost the plot, according to angry Twitter users.

The Queen of Pop is understandably furious after unfinished demos and songs from her new album were stolen by hackers and leaked onto the web.

But it’s the Material Girl’s own reaction that has caused the storm. Many users are clucking mad after Madonna vented her anger in an Instagram post, saying that the events were “artistic rape” and “a form of terrorism.”

The 56-year-old star also said: “My music has been stolen and leaked! I have been violated as a human and an artist!”

Ok, Madonna – we get that you’re pissed off. But many Twitter users are now questioning if this is really a case of RAPE or TERRORISM?

Some users responded by using the acronym STFU (for ‘Shut the f*** up!’).

One Twitter user wrote: “Madonna has called the theft of her demos a form of ‘rape’ and ‘terrorism’. Her hysteria and ignorance know no bounds.”  You can read more responses at the Mail Online.

The storm is continuing to gather pace today with snooty papers like the UK’s Independent covering it.

Our favourite tweet is from the person who wrote: “Today’s Christmas Gift: Madonna loses loses her sh*t after album leak.”

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