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What a fight! Manny Pacquiao is the new junior welterweight champion, winning a unanimous decision, but no one can say Timothy Bradley is a boring fighter no longer.

Bradley exchanged with Pacquiao and almost went down swinging as his trainer Joel Diaz predicted — and this fight was more competitive than the last.

Pacman looked aggressive and came out every round waiting for Bradley at the middle of the ring, and the Filipino star tried to take Bradley, who was wobbled and tied up with Pacquiao in the later rounds.

It looked like Bradley was looking for the one punch knockout all night, as he would sit and throw the overhand right wildy, trying to connect.

He caught Pacquiao a few times and in our post-fight interview with referee Kenny Bayless, he said, “Manny Pacquiao came out sharper, more aggressive…Fans got their money worth.”

The crowd was electric, the fans went crazy every time Bradley was hurt and al-most every round they would be standing when the two exchanged against the ropes.

MMA may be the fastest growing sport in the world, but boxing is still alive and well in these mega events.






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