The Michael Dunn trial ended today in a mistral. While Dunn was convicted of three counts of attempted murder and will likely die behind bars, the jury could not reach a unanimous decision regarding the murder of Jordan Davis, who would have turned 19 today.

Following a dispute about “loud music” in a convenience store parking lot, Dunn opened fire on the teens, firing ten shots. Three struck and fatally wounded Davis. Dunn said Davis threatened him and he saw a gun in the car. However, police found no gun. Dunn also failed to contact the authorities after he opened fire; instead, he returned to his hotel room, ordered a pizza and drank a cocktail without realizing he’d killed someone until police showed up to arrest him.

The case drew parallels to the infamous George Zimmerman trial. The victims in both cases were both young, black males and both incidents occurred in Florida, home of the Stand Your Ground law.

Dunn may have convinced one jury member that he didn’t murder Jordan Davis in cold blood, but public opinion weighs heavily in the contrary on social media.

Comparisons to Zimmerman:

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