Channing Tatum may have millions of women lusting for him over his performance in Magic Mike – but apparently he’s lucky to still have a fully-working wiener.

The 35-year-old actor recently recounted the full horror of an accident that he suffered while filming in Scotland in 2011 – during which his penis was scalded with boiling water.

The hot liquid was spilled down his wetsuit by an assistant, leaving poor old Channing cross-eyed and squealing.

The star says he was ‘crying, just screaming in pain.’

Now here’s the twist. Apparently if you are in agony during a situation like that it’s a good thing because it means you can still feel pain in your wang, which means it’s still intact.

Channing was quoted in Metro in the UK as saying: “I’ll never forget what the medic said – ‘I know it’s no consolation now, mate, but it’s a good thing it hurts so much, as otherwise you have got nerve damage.’

“There’s nothing more humbling that sitting with your burnt, blistered manhood, and a bunch of Scottish emergency room guys staring at your junk.”

How true. Ginger Clam will always think of you, Channing, whenever she has a boiled hot dog.

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