Star Wars cast

Those obsessed with intergalactic space happenings can rejoice, the long anticipated Stars Wars:Episode VII cast has finally been announced.

Surprise! Disney announced on Tuesday that it’s the original cast coming back for the sequel! Bet you didn’t see that coming. There are also some newcomers thrown into the mix while John Williams will once again create the musical score.

Following the announcement, practically everyone who’s ever seen Star Wars – and even those who haven’t – took to Twitter, discussing everything from excitement to dismay over the cast of characters for the seventh movie in the series.

Many long term fans are excited over the announcement.


Also, as many have pointed out, there are only two women in the cast.

While that might be double the amount cast in the original film, it’s still not enough.


Oh wait! Make that three! Out of a cast of…13.

According to this theory though, the gender gap seems not so wide.

Some admit to never seeing the classic series.

While others are excited for the parodies of the new film.

Everyone has been talking about this photo.

But not for this reason, which we think is the best.

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