Star Wars Archive

Star Wars gets the Royal seal of approval!

By Ginger Clam See video of British princes meeting Chewie ... and enjoying a light-sabre duel!

The ultimate shoplifter! Jedi prankster vanishes into thin air

By Ginger Clam How to grab the goods - Star Wars style

May the sauce be with you! Jedi prankster strikes at hotdog stand

Hilarious footage of joker unleashing 'Star Wars' powers

‘Maybe I’m stupid but I still love flying,’ says Harrison Ford

By Ginger Clam Star Wars hero opens his heart about plane crash

Jacko’s Star Wars dream revealed!!

Pop legend was in line for incredible movie role

Amazing video: Watch the most epic basketball shot that Hollywood has ever seen!

What do Star Wars, Trainspotting and Goodfellas all have in common? Check out this new viral video - and then watch classic movies for free at

Mini Jedi warriors in hilarious fight over a cupcake … see the video

Film-maker creates funny spoof of Star Wars movies using kids ... for more great entertainment go to

Star Wars: Episode VII signs Lupita Nyong’o and Gwendoline Christie

by Miss Lydia J.J. Abrams' Star Wars cast got some new additions that should make feminists happy

The Wendy Davis Star Wars ad: Showdown in Texas

by Gabi Chepurny The gubernatorial candidate can't seem to shake the haters as Attorney General Gregg Abbot releases attack ad

Star Wars Cantina Band auditions video is a hit

by Gabi Chepurny College Humor cashed in on the Episode VII hype and brought Mark McGrath, Ben Folds and Rick Springfield
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