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Stig Carl-Magnus Carlsson AKA Karl-Magnus Karlsson

by Rufus Ashmount More on business, investment and the Prince of Monaco

DoubleVerify Sued For Libel And Malware Use Uncovered in Major Lawsuit

by Tom Paul Jones A suit filed by FilmOn Networks alleges unethical and fraudulent actions by the ad verification company, as well as the operation of a virus reported to the FBI

WhatsApp Facebook Deal: $19 billion dollars, a whole mess of Tweets

by Gabi Chepurny Mark Zuckerberg’s purchase of the mobile messaging service made social media apocalyptic

Comcast buys Time Warner Cable, Twitter demands a refund

by Gabi Chepurny Subscribers (and conscientious objectors) take to social media to register their unhappiness about the possible merger between the two titan providers

Bezos’ Amazon drones predicted by Duran Duran and H.G. Wells

by Christophe Silvey We found precedent for the online retailer's plan for an aerial version of its Prime delivery system and it ain't pretty

The Robots are Winning: Amazon introduces new drone service

by Sarah Crow In a future where second-day delivery just doesn't cut it, our robot overlords will soon make waiting obsolete.

NFL and MLB petition the Supreme Court to act against streaming TV

by TV Mix Staff FilmOn and Aereo under attack by major league sports for antenna-based, private performances, despite previous rulings in their favor

RapGenius Smartens Up, Legally Speaking

by Henry T. Casey Hoping to avoid Napster's fate, the smartest lyrics site of all tries to go legit without losing its cool

TV Hackfest announces winners in London

by Dominic Preston Telly Love, StreamBuzz take hackathon's top prizes in FilmOn sponsored competition for second screen innovation
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