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Crazy stoners surrender to cops over giant weed stash

By Ginger Clam Ridiculous 911 call goes viral

Miley Cyrus performs with fake boobs and a strap-on dong!

By Ginger Clam Pop star's shocking stage show

Chael Sonnen, drugs and double standards in the UFC (Opinion)

by David Kano Foul play regarding banned substances in MMA's Octagon? Of course

Disney releases EDM version of Frozen’s Let It Go. Is it pushing ecstasy on kids?

by Gabi Chepurny The corporation has a secret plot to profit by landing today's youth in warehouse raves

Rob Ford so far gone he thinks crack is beer. Rehab much?

by Rosie Howard-Williams Toronto's crack mayor is going to rehab after yet another judgement failure: knowing people with camera phones 

TRT ban in Nevada: Will it hurt MMA?

by David Kano There are good arguments for and against testosterone therapy, but UFC President Dana White will go with the Fight Capitol of the World’s rules

Breaking Bad-inspired blue meth is becoming a problem in New Mexico

by TV Mix Staff The Feds say criminals are trying to rope in new customers with a little help from Heisenberg and the hit AMC show

Do we really need a reality TV version of Leo DiCaprio’s Wolf of Wall Street?

by Jillian Rayfield Based on reactions to the Scorsese movie, he will probably be just as hated as most reality TV stars

Nigella or High-gella? Superstar TV chef accused of cocaine-fueled cooking

by Dominic Preston Her former assistants, standing trial for fraud, claim that the chef hid daily use of cocaine, cannabis and prescription drugs from her husband
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