Slow motion Lego plane crash looks awesome!

By Ginger Clam UK YouTube stars smashing new video!

UFC fighter Nick Diaz kicks ass in Las Vegas night club

By Ginger Clam Losers pick on the wrong dude

Premature celebrations leave athletes red faced

By Ginger Clam It ain't over til it's over

NAKED PROTEST! Mongolian wrestling coaches go nuts at the Olympics!

By Ginger Clam What an ending to the games

Hello Mr P.Ness, welcome back!

By Ginger Clam Did the dealer just say penis?

Cops catch SUCKER scaling Trump Tower

By Ginger Clam Nutter arrested by New York Police

Fiancé shoots flaming arrow into partners neck live on TV

By Ginger Clam Epic stunt failure on America's Got Talent

Big booty bait makes the boys go wild!

By Ginger Clam Prank video racks up nearly 3 million views

Holy chute! Record breaking Skydiver plummets 25,000FT into giant net

By Ginger Clam Daredevil stuns the world with crazy stunt

Usher causes chaos on Manhattan streets playing ping-pong

By Ginger Clam "Shutting down 6th Ave NYC"
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