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Broadcasters Settle Dispute with FilmOn Ahead of D.C. Court’s Decision

Consumer Advocacy Groups Rally Around FilmOn X Ruling

by Jeff Stevens Watchdogs on the side of television viewers from Consumer Reports to even Fox News!--vouch for landmark ruling in Alki David's favor

FilmOn Ruling Not the End of The World

by Jeff Stevens Five things you need to know about the media reaction to the big compulsory license win for Alki David's FilmOn

Doh! Homer Simpson Hologram Suit Gets Fox to Settle

by Jeff Stevens The Comic-Con spectacle got the TV network in hot water with Greek billionaire Alki David--but it looks like they've patched things up

Homer Simpson hologram at Comic-Con has Rupert Murdoch’s Fox under fire

by Tom Paul Jones The multi-billion dollar Simpsons juggernaut is in hot water over license fees, acting above the law

Is the Supreme Court Aereo ruling actually the death of the bundle?

by Tom Paul Jones The very rule the Networks counted on to stifle innovation has given FilmOn Networks and streaming TV exactly what it needed

Gotham trailer debuts, and Batman fans are actually happy

by Miss Lydia Low expectations for Fox's show about the Caped Crusader's childhood were confounded 

Jack Bauer returns in 24:Live Another Day. Fans go nuts

by Gabi Chepurny Kiefer Sutherland is back and fans couldn't be more excited

Jack Bauer vs. Kiefer Sutherland: Blow by blow prep for Live Another Day

by Sarah Crow With the new edition of 24, we ask ourselves, what would Jack Bauer do?

24 Live Another Day: Can Jack Bauer become America’s James Bond?

Jaime Nelson Kiefer Sutherland is certainly no Sean Connery, but his character might be able to channel suave British spy style
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