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As part of its massive celebration of The Simpsons, Fox put on a quite a show at Comic-Con in San Diego. As Matt Groening appeared on stage with Fox execs, an eight foot tall Hologram of Homer Simpson appeared, engaged in witty banter with his own creator and wowed the crowded. Only one problem, the technology that created that hologram–which is the same that created the famous Tupac Shakur hologram at Coachella, is patented and only Hologram USA can license it or use it.

Hologram USA sued FOX TV, Fox denied any wrong doing, and now the case has come full circle with Fox settling the suit with Hologram USA. The terms of the settlement are secret, but Hologram USA CEO Alki David released a statement saying, “I am happy with the settlement. As the world leader in dynamic holographic 3D technology, Hologram USA has worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment. We hope to add Homer Simpson and Fox to that list.”

David and his company have been rigorous defenders of the patent that creates the holograms. It’s an invention by Uwe Maass and has created the holograms that helped Narendra Modi win as Prime Minister of India, the same that brought Julain Assange to a Nantucket conference despite all travel bans, and the same that was used for Jimmy Kimmel’s simultaneous Hollywood and Nashville appearance during the CMAs.

Hologram USA recently made announcements of the first in a slate of major “celebrity resurrection” stage shows, one featuring Liberace and the other Buddy Holly. All will use the same technology that created the famous Tupac Shakur Coachella hologram which sparked interest in and demand for more. (Hologram USA controls the North American license for the technology). Sister company FilmOn Networks will stream the shows to its 65 million monthly users.

For Simpsons fans the settlement is a good thing. Now that the two companies can cooperate with each other we may see more hologram Simpson characters….Let’s just hope we’re not looking at a Peeing Bart hologram next summer.

(TV Mix is owned by FilmOn Networks. It’s parent company Anakando Media Group also owns Hologram USA.)

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