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Hilarious interview after dude gets arrested for racing away from the cops

By Ginger Clam Super stoner just can't catch a break

Ted Nugent: “Harvey Weinstein is second coming of Nazi mastermind Goebbels”

by TVMix Staff Fox News wasted no time in invoking the Holocaust in talking about the movie mogul's plan to make an anti-NRA movie with Oscar contender Meryl Streep

The juiciest quotes (so far) from Gabriel Sherman’s Fox News book

by Jillian Rayfield Roger Ailes is scrambling to discredit The Loudest Voice in the Room

Fox News Latino has no clue what happened in the George Zimmerman trial

by Jillian Rayfield The website very incorrectly reported that Zimmerman "took his own life following his conviction"

Fox News host is very confused about Santa Claus and race

by Jillian Rayfield Megyn Kelly stirred up a heap of controversy by declaring that "Santa just is white"

Fox News compares Festivus to Ku Klux Klan, Nazis

by Jillian Rayfield "Baby Jesus is behind the Festivus pole!" exclaimed Gretchen Carlson, complaining about real life use of the holiday invented by TV's Seinfeld
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