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Swissx Reveals New Products from Reggae’s Marlon “Ganja Farmer” Asher

The Trinidadian Reggae legend Marlon Asher released a new version of his marijuana anthem “Ganja Farmer” last month with enhanced sound and a key lyric change: Half way through the song he gives Swissx a shout out. “That was a very nice surprise,” said

The New CBD Gourmands

Swissx Celebrates Flagship Store With Wellness and Good Vibes

Crazy stoners surrender to cops over giant weed stash

By Ginger Clam Ridiculous 911 call goes viral

Snoop Dogg launches his own brand of weed!

By Ginger Clam The connoisseur of cannabis takes matters into his own hands

Danny Trejo guests on new Almost Legal with Tommy Chong on

by Jeff Stevens Danny Trejo and rapper Jonwayne are featured on the third episode of FilmOn and WeedMaps' Almost Legal With Tommy Chong
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