There’s always a risk of a prank video going wrong … and boy did this one turn bad.

A couple of internet jokers in the UK made the mistake of targeting their neighbour whilst one of them dressed up as fictional serial killer Michael Myers.

Now, most victims would probably be scared to bits, but not this guy.

Instead of jumping at the sight of the masked man armed with a knife, his immediate reaction was to say: “What the f*** are you doing?!” He followed up by screaming: “Come on you c***! Come on!”

The whole scene escalates as he tells his friend ‘Sam’ that they’ve got company, and then asks him to get a knife.

He then pounces on the prankster. Thankfully, in the nick of time he realises that it’s a joke, but not before the pranksters themselves ended up looking terrified. Here at Ginger Clam on TV Mix we s*** our pants just watching!

Watch the crazy video below, and for more footage of stunts and pranks go to

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