Fans fear for Harry’s health!

By Ginger Clam 1D superstar sparks concern over 'starvation diet'

Global excitement builds over Battle Rap screening

By Ginger Clam 'Virus' extravaganza set for PPV broadcast this Sunday

Styles gets sexy with lingerie model

Horny Harry bags stunner in New York

Mariah making whoopee?! Superstar back in the dating game

Pop legend Mariah Carey is reportedly enjoying a steamy romance with some ole famous dude. Ginger Clam spills the beans...

Harris makes Swift move

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift are enjoying a secret romance, Ginger Clam reveals all...

It’s alive! Video shows ‘dead’ squid dance as soy sauce is poured over it

Creepy seafood dish acts alive after being showered with sauce

Chris Brown gives up girls – for Royalty!!

Troubled star starts new life in miraculous turnaround. Get ready for a BIG surprise!

Kimye’s sex marathon is OVER!

No more rumpy pumpy marathons for star couple. Boo hoo...

The ultimate toilet paper prank! Joker Roman Atwood buries his neighbour’s mansion

House is covered in bog roll while owner is on vacation. See more funny clips at BattleCam.com

World’s Greatest Motorbike Chase!

Shoppers stunned as police chase crazed motorcyclist down an escalator... Check out the exclusive footage!!
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