Now that Harry Styles has partied with every fresh hot model in Hollywood it seems that the young whippersnapper has widened the playing field to embrace the older generation – MILFs rejoice!

A cheeky Instagram pic has revved the rumour mill into overdrive – TV host Chelsea Handler has been snapped with a pair of ‘Harry’ emblazoned bikini bottoms as she cosies up to the 1D dreamboat.


Handler, 89, is old enough to be little Harry’s witch doctor, but we fully approve of this new hook up. She can help him with his homework and spank him when he gets naughty.

Late Late Show host James Corden seems to have been the mystery snap taker, Handler’s post read:

“Just sitting here watching James Cordon giggle”

1D fans seem more concerned with another revealing aspect of the picture – Harry has a new thigh tattoo. The fact that Styles currently has the world’s most ugly selection of tattoos ever found on a human being means that it is probably a horse eating an onion or Oprah Winfrey’s arse.

It isn’t clear what the tattoo is in the picture, but, thankfully, we don’t give a flying ride.

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