JayZ Solange

The internet loves a good fight, especially when it’s between Queen B’s baby sister, Solange, and infamous husband, Jay Z. But what’s a good fight without hilarious memes to follow? Here are the best 5 Jay Z vs. Solange fight memes:

dr dre

Apple has plans to buy Beats by Dre for $3.2 billion, but by the looks of it on that elevator fight tape, Solange might pack more punch.

jay z and beyonce

The world is wondering why Queen B didn’t step up to defend her man when baby sister Solange lost her shit.

jay z blue ivy

Even Blue Ivy’s gotta raise an eyebrow at her mom for this one.

donald sterling

Everyone’s favorite racist, Donald Sterling, knows what Solange is going through.


This might be the most press Solange will ever get.

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