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John Oliver’s new show, Last Week Tonight, premiered on HBO last night and proved what we all already knew: American news outlets are crap.

The American people have suspected as much for quite some time now but after CNN made itself the butt of everyone’s jokes with its overkill coverage of the missing Malaysian flight, Oliver couldn’t have picked a better time to launch the new show. It was as if the TV news gods parted the waters and delivered Last Week Tonight as a gift to America after suffering through all those years of Fox News actually passing as real news.

At first glance, Last Week Tonight might look like a British version of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart but with a fancier set and a bigger budget for graphics. And it is, but it has way bigger balls too – balls backed by HBO. Oliver hosts the weekly news show in a familiar format, as an anchor sitting behind a news desk and attacking the week’s headlines. He takes down the American media and our country’s political dysfunction with the razor sharp wit we’ve come to know and love him for on Comedy Central. His approach is just enough to evoke laughter to conceal the shame of being an American, but not enough to come across as anti-American. After all, this country is the hand that feeds him.

His high-energy gives the show the momentum it needs to cover a week’s worth of news headlines in just 30 minutes. That’s a lot of bullshit to make fun of but he doesn’t miss a beat. The biggest surprise of the night was his sit-down interview with former National Security Agency chief Keith Alexander, which was the right mix of in-character comedic relief with a few hard-hitting questions and the valid concerns of the American public. Alexander was a good sport, which, oddly enough, made for quality journalism.

Hey, American news anchors, how does it feel to know that a British comedian outsmarted AND outreported you?

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