Oh boy, what a match! Di C and Ri Ri! Damn, dem’s gonna be some hot babies.

Having successfully notched up every supermodel on the face of the planet, it seems that Leo has now moved his target onto pop stars. Nobody is safe. Somebody notify Miley.

After weeks of rumours, Rihanna has once again been snapped with LDC this weekend.

Compared to Chris ‘angrier than fireworks’ Brown, Leo must seem like a dream date.

The 26-year old singer joined Leo at NYC’s uber trendy Up and Down night club, they reportedly partied until 4am before ‘leaving in separate cars’. We all know what that means.

The pair were also recently seen partying together at the Sunset Marquis in Hollywood, hooking up at Caleb Followill’s birthday party.

They pair were spotted together at the Playboy Mansion on that same night as well. Always a classy date venue.

Both Leo and Ri Ri have hooked up with a long list of famous names so it is unsurprising that the two have ended up getting to ‘know each other better’. Given Leo’s appetite for beautiful young models, it will be interesting to see if Rihanna can persuade the lothario to change his ways.

Our advice? Get under her umbrella and stay there, Leo. You’re 40 years old and should be getting more early nights in your later years.

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