Oh dear, just when Brucey was making progress with his pussy, it seems a few rather more urgent priorities have entered his/her life.

The former Olympian hit headlines around the world yesterday when he was involved in a horrific car crash that left a 69-year old woman dead.

Now, reports suggest that Brucey could be under investigation for the precise role he played in the accident.

Photos suggest that he may have had something in his hand. We aren’t sure if he still has his donger, so the next conclusion would be that it was his cell phone.

According to latest reports, police will now get a search warrant to check if Jenner was using the device when he hit the car involved in the fatal crash.

Embarrassing photos have also emerged of Brucey being forced to take a sobriety test along the highway, minutes after the incident. Officers used special questions to test if he was drunk, including naming all of Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriends in alphabetical order and how many dollars his new mangina cost.

Meanwhile, to make things worse, other reports suggest that the lady killed was a neighbour of the Kardashians.

Perhaps Brucey best prepare to start diverting sex change funds into legal fees, it looks like he is going to be needing a little specialist assistance.

Best buy a new bra for court, BJ.

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