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Homer Simpson hologram at Comic-Con has Rupert Murdoch’s Fox under fire

by Tom Paul Jones The multi-billion dollar Simpsons juggernaut is in hot water over license fees, acting above the law

Bob’s Burgers writer Lizzie Molyneux on Belcher family love, Chicken Face Ball and Zach Galifianakis

by Hayley Fox The latest dysfunctional family to get animated is driven by a room of 15 insane people locked in a room

Grand Budapest Hotel: Pre-WW2 nostalgia that never goes away

by Christophe Silvey As Wes Anderson's latest hits our screens, we look at other grand hotel films on FilmOn's free VOD service.

Sochi 2014: The 3 best vintage Winter Olympics inspired cartoons

by Christophe Silvey Apocalyptic hockey, penguin biathlon, and hippopotamus bobsledding drive these Kartoon Klassics

Sexy Powerpuff Girls comic cover will turn kids into hookers, says Cartoon Network

by Miss Lydia Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles too “sexualized”; Mimi Yoon’s artwork yanked

A cinematic tribute to Cristiano Ronaldo’s Golden Balls

by Christophe Silvey Real Madrid's star took home the FIFA Ballon d'Or trophy amid a visit from Pele. Celebrate with a Felix the Cat cartoon and a swords and sandal drama

Holiday TV: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’s true origins

by Christophe Silvey The 1964 stop-action version was not the first. Watch Max Fleisher's original

Oscar Watch: Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks and Frozen get the awards push

by Leah Sydney Tom Hanks, Emma Thompson and Josh Gad flog their movies to Hollywood VIPs

Bezos’ Amazon drones predicted by Duran Duran and H.G. Wells

by Christophe Silvey We found precedent for the online retailer's plan for an aerial version of its Prime delivery system and it ain't pretty

Gotta Watch: The Flight of the Lost Balloon (video)

by Christophe Silvey This Jules Verne inspired adventure from 1961 features an early performance by Blake Edwards favorite, James Lamphier
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