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Bruce Jenner’s face ‘edited onto an image of Stephanie Beacham by magazine’

Image of Keeping Up With The Kardashians star on In Touch cover is revealed to be photoshopped, according to reports. Meanwhile check out FilmOn.com for showbiz news

Miley Cyrus nude W magazine cover leaks

by Audrey Palmer The again-naked pop star offers Justin Bieber some free legal counsel in the latest issue of the fashion mag

Justin Bieber arrest: Welcome to the Hollywood Bad Dads Club, Jeremy Bieber

by TV Mix Staff Now that Justin has been busted for DUI, his father can stand tall with Joe Jackson, Michael Lohan, Bruce Jenner and Ryan O’Neal

7 Celebrity Gossip Sites that Won’t Melt Your Brain

by Sarah Crow From Vulture to the A.V. Club, the smartest, funniest blogs bashing Kimye and Miley and praising what's deserving
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