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Nick Jonas’s first ever kiss with Miley Cyrus was a real stinker!

By Ginger Clam Popstar reveals unfortunate love tale

Miley Cyrus gets hots for Victoria’s Secret model in a parking lot

By Ginger Clam Pop singer's kissing session with Stella Maxwell is captured on film

UGH! Drake reacts with a grimace after Madonna kisses him on stage

By Ginger Clam 'Don't misinterpret my reaction,' says R&B star after Coachella performance. See video and then head to

The mistletoe prank! A bulletproof way to a free kiss?

College jokers film viral video that's sent the web crazy. Watch it here and then head for Battlecam for more great clips.

Rock Festivals: 5 massive summer shows worth quitting your job for

by Gabi Chepurny Summer should just be called concert season from now on

Rock band KISS schedules its L.A. Arena Football League team’s open tryouts

By Todd Gilchrist Rock band KISS continues its foray into arena football with open tryouts January 11
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