Imaging turning up to a regular job interview, only to find yourself in front of a camera live on national television! 

This actually happened to Guy Coma 10 years ago! The internet sensation has been remembered this week for what has to be one of the best interviews of all time.

Guy, 47, from the Republic of Congo rocked up to a BBC studio in England, hoping to land an IT role but was mistaken at reception for technology expert Guy Kewney.

The awesome dude had no f***ing clue what was going on, but things started to clear up when TV host Karen Bowerman introduced him as Guy Kewney!

Despite the sheer panic that was evident through a number of hilarious facial expressions, Guy answered everything that was thrown his way.

Karen couldn’t have asked a better question to start off with: “Were you surprised by the verdict today?”

Gus replied with: “I’m very surprised to see this verdict today”. No shit!

What a hero!

* Watch the brilliant viral video below. In the meantime log onto, the anti-social network where there are thousands of great videos plus live stunts.

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