Little Justy Bieber has destroyed many things in his short life: pop music, lesbian haircuts, Canada… Now it seems he’s got a new victim for his list: Selena Gomez.

Reports in the UK suggest that Gomez’s loved ones are planning an ‘intervention’ amid concerns that she has rather lost the plot over the latest Bieberesque incident.

As Clam fans may recall, Gomez publicly lashed out at Bieber for flaunting his new girlfriend, Sofia Richie, on Instagram. Bieber quit the site and Gomez apologised.

However, it seems the incident impact has taken a toll on the songstress:

A source told The Sun:

“Justin and Selena’s relationship is notoriously rocky and it hasn’t been easy to see him move on so publicly with Sofia.
“But Selena is used to seeing him with other women – it’s the combination of being over-worked and under pressure.

“She’s been touring for four months non-stop and won’t rest until mid-December with her Revival tour still to hit Europe and South America.

“There’s real concern and the plan is to talk to her in the next few days to ask her to consider taking some time off.”

If Selena wants some time off she should come and hang out with Ginger Clam. We could paint her nails, brush her hair, and let her throw kippers at Justin Bieber, who we have tied up in a cage in our office.

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