A father who wanted his children to appreciate how much kids are spoiled at Christmas decided to play a practical joke – by giving them crap gifts.

Tim Cocker wrapped up an ONION and a BANANA instead of the Barbie doll and the Ben 10 watch that his young son and daughter were hoping for. The result is a heart-warming video that will restore your faith in the Christmas spirit.

Instead of bawling and screaming, the kids react with unbridled joy and they celebrate anyway (even though the girl is not even sure what her onion is, mistaking it for a pumpkin!).

Of course, if you’ve already splashed out mountains of cash on your own kids, you might be pissed off to now know that an old vegetable or a cheap piece of fruit would have done the trick.

The footage has been uploaded to video-sharing websites, running up hundreds of thousands of plays and attracting new attention every year, with many viewers commenting on how wonderful it is.

Here at Ginger Clam / TV Mix we think that we’d rather have the Barbie or the watch – but what the hell, it’s Christmas!

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