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With a title like Dirty Little Secrets, Billy Morrison’s fans can expect nothing less than the juiciest music industry anecdotes when the English guitarist, singer and actor’s new show begins February 9.

But even if cohosts Chloe Dabbles and Rick Canny fail to elicit some salacious stories from the acclaimed musician on its debut episode, former Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath and his Camp Freddy bandmate Dave Navarro will join them to celebrate Morrison’s birthday, and no doubt embarrass their longtime friend with some great tales of rock & roll excess.

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Launching at 3:00 p.m. pst, an hour earlier than Dirty Little Secrets is regularly scheduled, Morrison, McGrath and Navarro will interact in real time via with FilmOn’s community of webcam users. For two hours, cohosts Dabbles and Canny will corral the musical trio as they talk about their experiences in the music business.

Future guests will include Jack Osbourne, and the show promises to have some of the most provocative and controversial performers in the entertainment industry squaring off against Morrison as he offers his perspective on work, art and life.

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