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Where the Royal Wedding Never Ends

FilmOn’s Channel Honoring the Worst of Film

The live-streaming and on-demand content provider FilmOn has a virtually limitless catalogue of outstanding film and television offerings from timeless classic films, to the latest groundbreaking television series. But something that gets lost in all the hype of truly sensational material is that you

Spotlight: FilmOn’s Classic TV Channel

It’s easy to get lost in the countless offerings spanning the 600 channels on FilmOn TV, which means that sometimes we overlook the hidden gems in favor of sticking to the same familiar channels. So every now and then, we like to break from

July 4th Anthem “This is America” by JP Vance Catches Fire

Broadcasters Settle Dispute with FilmOn Ahead of D.C. Court’s Decision

How to Watch the Global Goals Mobile Show featuring Coldplay

by Rufus Ashmount The epic United Nations backed show featuring a behind the scenes look at the Global Citizen Festival featuring Rihanna, Metallica and Major Lazer, is free on mobile

Shock video shows lions mauling naked man after ‘suicide attempt’

By Ginger Clam Horror as big cats are shot in zoo enclosure

Magic of books to be brought to life on new reading channel for kids

By Ginger Clam FilmOn boss Alki David in TV project with Nancy Hahn of iRead2Know

Star Wars gets the Royal seal of approval!

By Ginger Clam See video of British princes meeting Chewie ... and enjoying a light-sabre duel!

Britney Spears shares her Hawaiian holiday snaps

By Ginger Clam ... and there's not a paparazzi in sight!
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