Ginger Clam is delighted to report that very musical babies could be on their way – the world’s biggest pop star and the world’s biggest douche, sorry, DJ, are hooking up. Yipee!

Calvin ‘Rita Ora didn’t give me anything, honest’ Harris and Taylor ‘in need of a sandwich’ Swift have been on a string of secret dates. It seems that love is definitely in the air.

Reports claim that the star couple were spotted sharing kisses at a Kenny Chesney on Thursday night. We don’t know what’s more disgusting – the thought of the bland pair exchanging sloppy tongue sandwiches… Or that they were at a Chesney concert.

The romantic date is the latest in a string of hot encounters for the newest celeb couple on the block. The pair were rumoured to have been getting cosy together for the first time at last month’s Brit Awards in London.

Harris will be regretting an interview he gave on British radio last year – the DJ claimed that Swift would get an instant rejection if he found her on Tinder.

He explained: ‘She’s (Taylor) just the opposite of my type. She looks lovely, she’s just the opposite of my type so I would just go left.’

It seems the big Scottish love muffin didn’t ‘go left’ but headed straight for down to the honey pot.

Meanwhile, Swift can claim yet another superstar catch. The 25-year-old has previously dated everyone from Harry Styles to John Mayer. Despite recently claiming that she’d be single until her thirties, it seems like the bland blonde has had a change of heart.

Ginger Clam looks forward to their brief romance – mainly for the inevitable split and the crappy brokenhearted songs that Taylor will then pen.

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