A hilarious viral video shows two tiny trainee Jedi Knights giving in to the dark side and allowing greed and desire to cloud their minds as they battle over a chocolate cup cake!

The kids fight it out with lights sabres in footage created by film-maker Oscar Rene Lozoya – and the spoof Star Wars clip is attracting tens of thousands of plays on video sharing sites.

Having worked as an assistant editor on big TV dramas like ‘Chicago Fire’,  Oscar was able to open up his little black book and cast some inter-stellar stars, namely his second cousins – with five-year-old Joshua as Darth Vader and one-year-old Violet as Princess Leia, plus a special appearance by 17-month-old Matthew as Baby Yoda.

Lozoya came up with the idea for the movie after he took a photo of baby Matthew scarfing down a cupcake at his birthday party. As he and Joshua are both big “Star Wars” fans, the film-maker decided to incorporate a Jedi element into the cupcake story.

We think the ‘farce’ is strong in this clip! Meanwhile if you love great entertainment check out FilmOn.com – where there are hundreds of free live web TV channels to choose from, including comedy and movie channels .

You can read more about Oscar at the ABC website.

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