Legendary prankster ‘fouseyTube’ is back with yet another hilarious prank video – and in the wake of the success of his first Mortal Kombat hit, he’s released ‘Mortal Kombat Elevator Prank 2!’

In case you missed the original, it starred a dude dressed up as a character from the best-selling video game who world lurk in an elevator waiting for unsuspecting people to scare the shit out of.

In the new video, the victims are yet again caught by surprise as the nut randomly starts to punch the air in a possessed manner.

He stumbles upon some different reactions this time. One dude decides to use his girlfriend as a shield, whereas a group of guys decide to bring their ‘assailant’ to the ground.

The funniest reactions come from a woman who stands still and stares at him whilst he is franticly punching, kicking and spinning around. After he stops she breaks down in hysterics and can’t stop laughing for a long while.

You can see the full clip below (be warned one dude uses bad language). Meanwhile, if you love great entertainment, go to FilmOn.com where there are hundreds of free live web TV channels to choose from.

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