julien solomita Archive

Jenna Marbles schools dummies with the slow blink

By Gabi Chepurny The comedienne offers advice how to let your friends and acquaintances know what they said is stupid, using only body (okay, eye) language

Jenna Marbles serves Miley Cyrus humble pie with a cooking show parody

By Gabi Chepurny The comedienne and YouTube sensation creates a new video cracking jokes -- and eggs -- at the expense of Cyrus and her dad Billy Ray

Jenna Marbles releases new video renaming all body parts

by Gabi Chepurny The YouTube sensation is back with another round in her "Better Names" series -- this time reinventing the field of Anatomy

Jenna Marbles’ New Boyfriend: An obsessive, overprotective fan’s guide

By Christina Wolfgram Assessing the internet phenom’s lovelife as Julien Solomita replaces MaxNoSleeves
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