ROUND 2…FIGHT! Mortal Kombat elevator prankster is back scaring the hell out of people

Check out sequel video to the viral sensation that racked up nearly 30,000,000 hits ... as joker terrifies his victims with fight spoof.

Real Life GTA! Crazy carjacker’s rampage is a viral sensation on the internet – see video

How footage of an epic police pursuit of a drugs suspect in Denver has now become cult viewing on the web ..

Call of Duty declares ‘Advance Warfare’ on its Biggest Threat

by Henry T. Casey Titanfall, from original Duty co-creators, for X-box, has the Gaming Platform kings under attack

E.T. video game cartridges found buried in desert landfill

by Miss Lydia The 'world's worst video game' did the walk of shame all the way to the New Mexico desert 

South Park video game shocker: The Stick of Truth kicks ass

by Henry T. Casey Matt Stone and Trey Parker finally have a match made in 18–35 male demographic heaven

Video Game Movies: The 7 worst adaptations ever

by Kyle Collins From Double Dragon to Super Mario Brothers, these are the worst translations of classic video games to the silver screen

CES 2014: Miss Lydia’s ultimate guide to not getting laid

by Miss Lydia Three gadgets on display at the massive consumer electronics show in Las Vegas guaranteed to keep geekdom living in mom’s basement

Nevermind Adam Lanza, video game lobbies push back on violence bills

by Jillian Rayfield On the anniversary of Sandy Hook, the Entertainment Software Association quashes NRA attempts to throw the blame on gamers

Why is the NSA watching you play video games?

by Henry T. Casey Edward Snowden's latest reveal shows the US is spying on games like Madden 2014

Thanks to Kickstarter, we will soon have a Jane Austen video game

by Jillian Rayfield "It is not about kill or be killed, but invite and be invited with gossip our weapon of choice"
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