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Ronda Rousey wins first MMA ESPY ever. Can she be beaten?

by David Kano The Best Female Athlete of the year seems unbeatable, even as Floyd Mayweather calls her "he"

Usher defends Justin Bieber’s use of N-word. Why?

by Gabi Chepurny The 35-year-old singer's got his protégé's back, despite racist remarks

12 Years a Slave chic? A British supermarket pulls a serious WTF

by Rosie Howard-Williams Someone, somehow, at Sainsbury's thought this was a good idea 

Justin Bieber woos ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez with X-rated pics

By Todd Gilchrist The pop star is "Boyfriend" no more after sending his ex racy pictures that led to her calling him "a drug addict"

Madonna apologizes for calling her (white) son the N-word

By Todd Gilchrist The Queen of Pop offered a mea culpa after using the word on Instagram as ‘a term of endearment’

A Twitter anatomy of Chris Christie’s Bridgegate

by Gabi Chepurney Fat jokes, Jersery jokes -- the fun has been non-stop at the Governor’s expense since news of the George Washington bridge scandal broke. Here's the best tweets

Henry Rollins proposes Duck Dynasty go gay

by TV Mix Staff The punk legend suggests that Phil Robertson get into a little homoeroticism for the A&E reality show

Ani DiFranco is not very sorry about her slave plantation party

by Jillian Rayfield The latest epic sort-of-apology from a star online was for an epic oversight having to do with a planned retreat in Louisiana

Controversy: Family of Challenger victims slam Beyonce’s use of disaster audio

by TV Mix Staff Queen Bey not so royal in the eyes of the 1986 Challenger victim's families as she samples a clip from the tragedy in new pop single "XO"

Duck Dynasty controversy jumps the shark as Phil Robertson gets his own Charlie Sheen poem

by Jillian Rayfield For once, TV’s ultimate bad boy is unsympathetic to someone being torn apart by the media
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