News for: December 2017

World Cup 2014: Brazilian UFC star Shogun is robbed. Who is safe?

by David Kano A mix of constant crime and a major sports event could spell disaster for Brazil

Sterling Scandal: Shelly takes control of Clippers from Donald

by Miss Lydia The racist owner won't go down without a fight, and making his wife Head Bitch in Charge of the Clippers sale is his first move

D’Angelo emerges to talk past, present, future at Red Bull event

by Henry T. Casey The reclusive hip hop artist made a rare appearance at the Brooklyn Museum. Oh, and Questlove stopped by

French Open 2014: Hottest women hitting the clay in Paris

by Christophe Silvey From Serena Williams to Li Na everything you need to know about the women on the court in France

Conan O’Brien vs Barack Obama at Shoah Foundation Gala

by Leah Sydney At the prestigious award ceremony for Steven Spielberg's holocaust memory preserving foundation, the comedian joined Bruce Springsteen in honoring President Obama

Big Bang Theory severely cock-blocked in China

by Miss Lydia The show has been censored, but Chinese fans aren't really missing much 

Maya Rudolph launches classic variety show, doesn’t suck

by Miss Lydia The Bridesmaids star's new show is exactly what TV needs 

12 Years a Slave chic? A British supermarket pulls a serious WTF

by Rosie Howard-Williams Someone, somehow, at Sainsbury's thought this was a good idea 

World Cup 2014: Meet the teams of Group A

by Christophe Silvey A quick breakdown of the teams--Brazil, Mexico, Croatia and Cameroon-- going against each other at the start of competitionl

Pro surfer Jill Hansen arrested for running over granny. On purpose

by Dominic Preston Nothing is clear at all about this baffling case in which the surf star is charged with attempted murder  
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