Say what you like about Justin ‘small like puppy’ Bieber, but the little dude sure knows how to spot an opportunity. As Kourtney Kardashian’s beau goes off the rails with any blonde with a pulse, the lonely gal has been home alone. Step forward Bonzai Bieber to rescue the day.

JB and KK were caught on camera sneaking out of LA’s Mr Nice Guy club on Friday night. Fresh from showing the world his ding dong in Bora Bora (which had nothing to do with the fact that Biebs is releasing new music and needs press coverage), the little dude seemed happy with his MILF.

What’s a 15 year age gap when you have 68 million Twitter followers and no pubes?

Bieber had reportedly been dating blogger Jayde Pierce (who is probably young enough to be Kourtney’s granddaughter), but what’s a gal to do when your Bieber wants to go partying with a Kardashian?

Of course, there is no proof that JB and KK are getting their schnizzle on. Maybe they were just hanging out and talking about his penis pictures.

However, the Mirror newspaper has been compiling a list of reasons why romance could be on. These include the fact that: ‘Justin has been known to “like” her pictures on Twitter – particularly the ones where she appears half nude’ and ‘Kourtney’s mum Kris Jenner is going out with Corey Gamble, Justin’s road manager. Double dates, anyone?’.

Of more relevance, JB has also been spending time bonding with Kourtney’s son Mason and proudly sharing Instagram snaps of their time together.

Combining Bieber with a Kardashian is a genius idea. The wedding would score more media coverage than the moon landing, allowing Biebs to go back to number one with the free publicity.

Ginger Clam already has her hat picked out for the marriage ceremony. The sex tape from the honeymoon will be a big seller. Everyone’s a winner, baby.

Meanwhile, go to for hundreds of online TV channels.

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