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Jaguar sneaks up on dude only to end up smooching the beast!

By Ginger Clam Lucky escape for cats keeper

Unborn baby messages Megan Fox from the womb!

By Ginger Clam Hot Fox has a super genius living inside her

Stuntman goes skydiving at 13,000ft … without a parachute!

By Ginger Clam Amazing video shows crazy dude link with pal in mid-air

Soccer referee shocks players by waving a GUN!

By Ginger Clam Crazy official pulls weapon after dispute on field

We’re gonna need a bigger boat! Viral video shows killer whales chasing fishermen

By Ginger Clam Meet the sea mammals that make Jaws look cute

Meet Mr Bumchik … the crazy dude who surfs trains for fun!

By Ginger Clam Teenager films himself riding the metro, daredevil-style

“3, 2, 1 See ya!” Extreme sports taken to another level

By Ginger Clam Adrenaline junkie dives from cliff with a parachute pierced to his back!

I’m the best to do this since Tupac! Shia LaBeouf raps in absurd video

By Ginger Clam Troubled Transformers star continues to shock

Colin Farrell reveals he was ‘once a suspect in an attempted murder!’

By Ginger Clam Star was cleared, but it still shocked Vince Vaughn

Cooking gone mad. Spoof video shows Heston Blumenthal making space chips

By Ginger Clam Celebrity chef features in a bizarre cooking video. Watch it here
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