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The world’s craziest selfie: crane climber defies gravity for ultimate photo thrill

See this amazing video of professional thrill-seeker as he defies gravity on construction site

Donald Sterling movie pick: 1974’s The Klansman

by Christophe Silvey An all-star thrill ride about the Civil Rights Movement's push in hardcore KKK territory? With an incredible funk score? Let's screen it at Staples Center

Celebrate Jackie Robinson Day by watching The Jackie Robinson Story

by Christophe Silvey The classic biopic, starring Robinson as himself, is available on FilmOn VoD

The Cuban Twitter that backfired on the CIA looks a lot like Cold War schlock

by Christophe Silvey The agency's misadventure, ZunZuneo, backfires like something out of a Roger Corman movie 

Mickey Rooney Dead: The 9 Essential Movies

by Christophe Silvey From My Outlaw Brother to Twenty Four Hours to Kill, FilmOn has some of the most important work of the star on VOD.

The Naked Truth: A fifties all-star farce worth watching now

by Christophe Silvey This 1957 comedy showcase for Peter Sellers feels just right for 2014 

Sabotage with Arnold Schwarzenegger bombs; Hitchcock’s original keeps the crown

by Christophe Silvey The latest violent shoot em up that the ex-Governor of California has unleashed on his own legacy is a disaster, but FilmOn offers a classic remedy on VOD

Noah movie meets Lee “Scratch” Perry’s Black Ark

The Darren Aronofsky film’s affinities with the last Ukrainian naval vessel in the Crimea, and Jamaica’s mad “Doctor”, are uncanny.

Goodyear’s gotta new blimp that will blow your mind, but it has no name

This grandchild of the Hindenberg needs a contest to figure out what to call it. Meanwhile we've got the ultimate blimp movie on VOD

Divergent’s futuristic romance is a YA spin on classic Hollywood sci-fi

The Shailene Woodley vehicle wins the weekend but might not have much more of a shelf life than 1991's forgotten, but fun, Wedlock.
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