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Slow motion Lego plane crash looks awesome!

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Big booty bait makes the boys go wild!

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Keanu Reeves is a real life bad-ass!

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We’re gonna need a bigger boat! Viral video shows killer whales chasing fishermen

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Meet Mr Bumchik … the crazy dude who surfs trains for fun!

By Ginger Clam Teenager films himself riding the metro, daredevil-style

Minions on the loose! Prank video shows yellow perils terrorising the public

By Ginger Clam Movie characters come to life - and they're nasty s***s!

Prankster scares people by doing crazy dance like Michael Jackson

By Ginger Clam Old man imitates the King of Pop

Woman with two vaginas is a huge hit on social media

By Ginger Clam Cassandra, 21, attracts millions of hits after confessing body secrets
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