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Hip Hop gets a new TV talk show with Lush One’s Ether Weekly

by Rufus Ashmount An insiders view on hip hop and battle rap from hosts Lush One, Sib Vicious and Ericka Mena launches on

Doh! Homer Simpson Hologram Suit Gets Fox to Settle

by Jeff Stevens The Comic-Con spectacle got the TV network in hot water with Greek billionaire Alki David--but it looks like they've patched things up

What’s Behind WTTW Chicago’s Legal Attacks on FilmOn?

by Jeff Stevens Amid a revolution in the television industry (which the FCC has signed on to), the "private public television company" chases FilmOn with outdated claims

CES 2015: Virtual Reality Offerings Outpaced by 3DHead

by Jeff Stevens With nearly infinite content available, the 3DHead system is ready to go for consumers who want a VR-like experience now

Turtley crazy! Cute video reveals shelled reptiles in battle, or maybe they’re just in love …

Tortoise footage is hit on social media, but are the creatures in love or at war? Watch the clip to decide for yourself, and for more great videos go to

Sony Hack: FilmOn Networks makes formal offer to stream The Interview

by Rufus Ashmount In a week long on finger pointing and short on solutions, Michael Lynton received an offer to distribute the embattled film on the wold's biggest online TV platform

Liberace Back With Hologram USA Vegas Resurrection

by Jeff Stevens The beloved singer will be featured a full length, long running show via hologram, the first of new slate of projects by Hologram USA

Ether’s Cassidy vs. Dizaster Battle Breaks Records, Raises the Bar

by Rufus Ashmount With killer rounds from Big T, Illmaculate, The Saurus and more, Alki David and Lush One's Ether set the stage for a resurgence of Battle Rap via ETV

Cassidy vs Dizaster Battle Rap Rematch Set for Sunday, Dec. 7

by Rufus Ashmount Alki David and Lush One vowed to make good to those who attended the live show or bought tickets for pay-per-view on

Old School Rap Battle via Hologram? Yes!

by Rufus Ashmount Surprise additions to majorhip hop event of the year with Cassidy vs Dizaster include addition of Bone Thugs N Harmony's Bizzy Bone and a Hologram USA stage
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