Miss Lydia Archive

New Batsuit has geeks drooling for Batman

by Miss Lydia Zack Snyder unveiled the new costume for the superhero while fans went wild

Channing Tatum confirmed as X-Men’s Gambit

by Miss Lydia The 21 Jump Street star makes an appearance in the Marvel hit machine's next installment, women swoon

Channing Tatum wants to follow Magic Mike with X-Men’s Gambit

by Miss Lydia The star of 22 Jump Street says he would love to take on the Lousiana-born superhero

Anna Kendrick and Saturday Night Live make an amazing episode

by Miss Lydia Just when you thought SNL had no place in your life anymore, the Oscar-nominated actress pulls off a winning turn at hosting

Louis CK saves Saturday Night Live with best monologue in years

The comedian avoids needing the crutch of celebrity cameos, but can't cover for subpar sketches

Star Wars: Episode VII secrets revealed? Just more blue balls for fans

by Miss Lydia At the Disney shareholder’s meeting CEO Bob Iger confirmed that J.J. Abrams’ new installment will take place 30 years after Return of the Jedi

Lost Star Wars film found, geek world goes apeshit

by Miss Lydia Black Angel, a 25-minute short that aired before The Empire Strikes Back, has been located

Oscars 2014: A Nerd’s Guide

by Miss Lydia Miss Lydia knows you’ve been cooped up in mom’s basement with the PS4, but there’s plenty for even you to cheer about on Hollywood’s biggest night

Sochi Closing Ceremony: 6 Lessons from the Winter Olympics

by Miss Lydia From dangerous tap water to real fears about pink eye, what we took away from 7,000 hours of obscure sports

Sochi 2014: The 10 hottest female Olympic athletes

By Miss Lydia These strong, beautiful bombshells are heating up these chilly Winter Games in Russia
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